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AdminFeb 8, 2016 5:42:39 AM2 min read

The Path to the PageWide

Cushing’s latest color printer produces 30 posters a minute!

It’s an incredible feeling to hear business associates and industry contacts say: “your team really keeps up with technology”. I am always thankful, humble and truthfully, I quietly agree.  We are pretty adept and lucky to be alive after several shifts in our industry.

One thing that has really evolved is the way we make decisions.

Road Runner or PageWide?

Road Runner or PageWide?

Turning The Page

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me: “have you guys gone completely digital?” in the past seven to eight years.  The answer is Yes & No.  We do scan, deliver, and store documents electronically, but do not compete with big players such as Google, MicroSoft, Box or the many others – we would not be here is that was our only business.

So, in the words of the great Carl Hansen, “we usually aren’t making money unless paper is coming out the back of a machine somewhere.”

Responding to the increasing demand for short run color printing, we are excited to announce Cushing has purchased a new HP Pagewide XL 8000, completing an 18-month search for yes, the next coolest thing, and an investment designed to make a positive impact on your business, today and tomorrow.

How so?

AEC professionals might need this for color CAD drawings, floor plans or topographical maps; Marketing professionals can use this for color signage, Point of Purchase or high end graphics.  No matter what you need it for…the speed is real!

At thirty 2’x3’ prints a minute, the PageWide FLIES and the output is fantastic!

Incredible Journey

Our investigation took place over an 18-month period, led by 20-year Senior Production Manager Jorge Galvan and owner Brian Burke.

Jorge Galvan With PageWide in Cushing shop

They waited patiently for Hewlett Packard, researched the competition (Repro Technology, Oce & Xerox); tested our most troublesome files, and patiently waited for what HP promised, ala Steve Jobs, technology that would disrupt the marketplace.

Brian Burke in Cushing Shop

In the end, HP’s massive investment in R&D and marketing delivered the PageWide, on time in Q4 of 2016.  After a dozen trade shows, flying to Atlanta twice, and visits to RMX Network partner offices, we finally made our investment into this, cool, fast, best-quality-we-have-seen, hi-speed, hi-res graphics poster printer.

Steve Jobs Graphic

We did not take this decision lightly and the quality and performance have been worth the wait. Learn more about the HP PageWide 8000 XL or click the image below to visit the page and see video clips of it, in action at our shop.

PageWide Color Sample


Please come take a look or send some test files of your own to us at (

We hope to see you soon!