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Graphic Installation Services

Graphics Installation is a transparent process. We offer comprehensive services to keep your project on-time and exceed expectations. Read below for details on union versus non-union installation, and other frequently asked questions we receive.

We'll do our best to answer questions on installation and inquires related to pricing.

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Customer Requests

Clients don’t always know when union installation is a requirement.

Many times, customers call us for environmental branding & construction site signage without realizing their project scope requires union installation. Actually, almost every large format request! We break out some differences below, with some frequently asked questions below.

Consider What Could Happen

Don’t hire non-union labor if your job site requires it.

Imagine waking up to see a giant inflatable rat on your job site or in front of your building in downtown Chicago. Or groups of union workers standing with signs. Not exactly a welcome site.


Time Lapse Installation


What are the differences between union & non-union installation?

In our experience, installations split 75%/25% union vs non-union installation need. This is because most job sites are union. Union people tend to be more skilled and are actual members. There is a process to join a union and pay their dues. The perception is union members are more careful and skilled. They have opted to go through a vetting process and are good at what they do. It’s important to remember: Chicago is a union town.

How do you know if your project requires union installation?

Any building over 80,000K square feet is required to be completed by union labor. It’s why the first question we’ll ask for any graphics installations request is: How big is your building?


Not sure of the square footage? Ask your landlord: it is the simplest and quickest way to determine if you will need union versus non–union installation. It’s all building based.  Request My Quote

Quality ControL

non-union does not mean lower quality.

These installers may not be interested in larger projects  and can just be a better fit for smaller buildings. Non-union tends to be used outside of the city of Chicago. If you are the builder owner and your square footage falls under 80,000 square feet, you are probably safe to hire non-union installers..


Cost Considerations

Does union installation require extra investment?

Yes, this does require additional investment. Your account manager will assist with a custom project quote. There are too many variables to list here to provide ballpark pricing. We’re just being transparent and always happy to help you walk through pricing specifics.

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Affecting the Timeline

Does union installation require additional time for project completion?


The only thing that could affect the schedule is if the installation crew is already busy. There would be no reason for a union installation to take more time than non-union. It is supply and demand.

Special Requirements

Are there special steps that need to followed prior to union installation?

No, there are no special requirements. Please keep in mind Cushing can still complete a site survey and take measurements on your job or work site, WITHOUT being union labor. You don’t need union labor to visit a site prior to installation and make recommendations.

It comes down to this: Once a hammer or drill is picked up, or graphics are being installed on a job site that is 80,000K square feet or above, you need union labor.


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Our team has installed thousands of projects, both union and non-union. We can answer all your questions and hope to hear from you about your next project.

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