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Custom Dimensional Displays

Custom Dimensional Displays

Custom dimensional displays encourage guests to interact with your exhibition, reduce clutter and give new life to artifacts!

Whether it’s art or an artifact let it be displayed to show the dimension it deserves!  We can help with either of these opportunities and additionally can bring your logo or “ to life by fabricating a custom dimensional display.

From a traveling exhibition to a new gallery at a museum, our team is here to consult on your next custom dimensional display!

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Acrylic Custom Dimensional Displays
What roll do you play in telling the story?

Are you a curator or exhibit designer?

We know you aim to provide the best guest experience in your gallery and exhibit hall. From preservation to promotion, let’s add flair to functionality. Museum galleries to traveling expositions, we can help you put amazing items such as vintage guitars to autographed, game-worn jerseys on display!

Another Dimension
Conservation Covered

Did you come across a quilt in the basement or an antique photo of your organization (perhaps tucked away in a manuscript, book or building plans from the turn of the century.

Are you now remembering old drawings or renderings of your space, sitting in a storage closet?

LaGrange Library

Uncover a gem in an office drawer such as a signed letter from your founder?

Do you literally have original stones, etched concrete or other historical artifacts from an old location or structure in a storage closet?

Dig these items out of the cellar and celebrate them!


Connect with the Sales Team
“We knew we wanted to print our logo to acrylic but wasn’t sure where to start. Cushing was a great help with consulting, printing and final installation. The signage came out great!”
George M. Nicolopoulos
-George Nicolopoulos, Doctor of Chiropractic, Spine and Sports Center
Lets Make History

Cushing offers conversation solutions that will make your community, board of trustees and staff smile (and learn something new!). From fabrication to consulting, the broad range of services we offer tastefully weave the past with the future of your organization. How can we help you tell a story?

Free these artifacts and show the world your history!

Custom Display
No Disco iPAD Ricks Picks

Consider adding touch screens or iPads to your exhibit – we can consult on a showcase solution to keep your audience coming back for more! Picture your guests observing your display and then clicking a play button to listen, learn and interact! Your visitor experience can include a targeted audio for specific artifacts.

You can track what attracts the most attention to improve your guest experience!

People Proof

No need to worry about security! We know people are curious. Sometimes children can try and tamper with a dimensional display.

Rahm at Priztker

With a secure lock system in place, displays cannot be opened and will keep your items protected.

Ask us how we can help keep the dust out – another layer of protection!


Let’s Talk
Get Creative

The panel behind the acrylic can be direct to print (so you can list dates, images or information important to your show). Via Bluetooth, your customers can also personalize their experience even more!  Display cases have simple assembly and easy to take apart too. Acrylic displays can be custom built so you can have a large display (for example if you are transporting costumes, museum artifacts and much, much more.)

You can also print directly to acrylic to add another dimension to the display!

Pritzker Military Library Acrylic Case Artifact

On Or Off The Field

Backlit films incorporate images along with artifacts

Display Cases

Sweat Out Your Hard Work … and we’ll handle the rest!

Wall Acrylic Display
Visible Storage

No, not a spin off of the popular show Storage Wars. It is an efficient way to straighten up hallways and keep valuable documents safe, clean and preserved.

·         Are storage boxes or trunks cluttering up hallways?
·         Do you have staff knocking into materials in in the hallway with carts?
·         Do you have conference rooms with files stacked up to the ceiling?
·         Are there gems stuffed into drawers that should be on display?

Let us help you design a visible storage plan that clears clutter and gets eyes back on these incredible items.

“Thank you for the great work! I'm writing to let You know how much I appreciate all of YOU. The client loved the results and I am very impressed with how you all got this completed.”
Robert Bausch
-Robert Bausch, Owner
How Do You Use Custom Dimensional Displays?

There are no creative limits to how dimensional displays can be used (or shortage of industries using them).

·         Have an autographed or game worn jersey of your favorite local Chicago team (or beyond).
·         Do you have awards or certifications you would like to showcase?
·         How about new products or services?
·         Do you have stuff locked up – and you just don’t know what to do with it?

Don’t forget artifacts and heirlooms!

Who Uses Custom Displays

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