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Environmental Branding Design

Branded graphics do more than brighten a space.

Recruit great talent. Retain team members. Improve your bottom-line. No matter your goals, Sepia Studios provides the service to exceed them.

Fly on the Wall First things first. Let’s kick it off with a brainstorm.

– What sets you apart from competitors? – What’s the personality of your organization? – Tell us about your company history and team – bonus if you know their favorite emoji’s.

What do you want your employees to see when they walk in? What about your visiting customers?

Here are just some of the design services we offer.

Reception Area Can it really take a tenth of a second to make a first impression? Make it a memorable one and welcome guests with a branded reception area. Let us create an inviting experience that engages visitors and team members.

Window Dressing What’s a marketing tool you cannot switch off? Window graphics, of course. Do more than generate an impression. Trust us for signage that attract new customers.

Outdoor Signage 61% of American Consumers failed to find a business because the sign was too small or unclear. Even in an age of Google Maps and Waze! Make it easy for buyers to find you. Rely on Sepia Studio for signage that marks the spot.

POP Goes the Cash Register Once a customer steps inside, will they make a purchase? In–store graphics encourage traffic flow and transactions. From point-of-purchase to freestanding displays, count on us for creative that encourages engagement and new business.

Go Your Own Way Yes, directional signs get people from point A to B. They are also an underrated medium for branding. We can design tasteful and functional wayfinding that weaves in your brand messaging. We offer ADA signage and graphics concepts too. And let’s not forget “covid-flow”: the reality we find ourselves in today. It may be utilitarian, but it certainly doesn’t have to be ugly, even arrows and “stand here” markers are a branding opportunity!

Private Eyes Gone are the days when the conference room was about as private as a fishbowl. Discreet spaces don’t have to start with neutral (boring) shades of film. Let us design a privacy film solution with character and color.

Conference Room and Idea Incubators An inviting space inspires creative thinkers and builds your reputation. Make it a place that people want to work. According Everything Social 90% of people would consider leaving their job if offered a position in a company with an outstanding corporate reputation. It starts from inside.

Lunch and Breakrooms Complete the experience. Extend environmental branding to spots where employee spend down time. Show your employees you care about them.

Elevator lobbies and doors Start the brand experience the moment a potential customer steps off the lift. Elevator doors and hallways are a unique brand opportunity. What do visitors’ perception of your brand as they leave your office? And in these times of competitive corporate rents, landlords are more willing to offer up base-building dollars to help you as a tenant plant your place in their space.

Construction Site Signage Thoughtful design hides worksite debris and keeps focus on your development. We’ll construct (see what we did there) design concepts that generate views and interest. Ask us how.

Tradeshow Collateral Yes, most events are online right now. But that shouldn’t stop you. Ask our team to design a backdrop for your virtual conference that showcases your brand. Even if you are logging in from the back porch. And it even trickles down to SWAG (arguably the best part of a tradeshow, right?). Let us work through a creative “leave behind” for a virtual tradeshow that was never physically attended in the first place.

Tell us more about your project needs and we'll do our best to assist!

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Julia Kaufman is one of Sepia Studio’s lead creatives and idea aficionados. Cool, calm, and creative, Julia is ready to exceed your expectations. Are you ready? Let’s get to work.

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