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Paper Choices and Binding

Cushing offers many different types of paper for printing. Seeking a specialty paper type? We can research and source.

Customers always ask what types of paper does Cushing offer for printing? The short answer is we offer many types of print paper and in happy to help with your custom, specialty requests.

Would you like assistance to pick the right paper stock and make the right impact? You got it. We love talking paper.

The Right Paper Pieces a Project Together

New Paper Sample Flip Book

Choose the Right Paper to Bring Your Project Together

For instance, you might consider full color papers, color tabs or color inset pages for the inside of your booklet or presentation. For exteriors, a wide variety of binding options and customized covers can provide just the right look to cater to your audience needs. Isn’t it the little things, after all?

Don’t forget, we can also scan your hard copy originals and integrate with a digital file. We can also enlarge or reduce images to fit your desired output size. Have special finish requirements? Wonderful, we trim media and would love to hear more. Custom tabs can also be created and printed in-house. Just ask us how.

Paper Choices
Paper Sizes


Matte Stocks

  • 100lb and 80lb Cougar matte cover (Super smooth, bright white)
  • 100lb and 80lb Cougar matte text (Super smooth, bright white)
  • Recycled offset 80lb or 100lb matte text

Gloss Stocks

  • 100lb and 80lb Futura gloss cover
  • 100lb and 80lb Futura gloss text
  • Recycled offset 80lb or 100lb gloss text

We can acquire most specialty papers within 24 hours. Please feel free to specify your preferred choice. We will have a minimum order to coincide with the paper supplier’s minimum.

Xerographic Media in Stock

  • 20lb bond and 20lb bond recycled
  • 20lb bond colored stock (various)
  • 90lb card stock (various colors)
On Site Services
“Cushing's production team is spot-on reliable. I’ve never had them miss a beat on my frequently complex requests (replace these pages, change the sequence, scale this page up and that page down…), and they manage this precision while turning the job around with great speed. When it’s deadline time, I count on them as key players on our team!”
Tracey BrewerKathryn Quinn Architects

Specialty Covers

  • 4 mil clear
  • Black vinyl backing
  • Executive covers

Professional Binding Services Include:

  • GBC
  • Coil
  • Wire
  • Acco
  • Perfect
  • Saddle stitch
  • Chicago post
  • 3-ring binders
liz cannon
  • Coil Binding Options
  • GBC Binding Options
  • Wire Binding Options
Paper Caper

We take the paper types we use on your projects seriously and want to help you find the right one. Call us if you have general questions on papers we use. Better yet, schedule a visit, take a plant tour and you can see them in person. If you are ready for a pricing estimate, we can help. Use our quote form and a representative will be in touch.

Paper Caper