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About Sepia Studio

what's the deal here?

So you want to learn a little more about us? We think you’re in for a treat.
At Sepia Studio, we believe that good design starts with a conversation, moves collaboratively through creation, and lands solidly in realization.

We’re here to pull from your head the needs, thoughts, feelings, and words and translate all that into a graphic design creation: a brand, a story. We’re here to take that story through realization, whatever form that may be: digital or physical, from business card to super-graphic. It’s cliche (but true): no job is too big or too small.

In 2020, our lovable parent, Cushing & Co. had a baby. It’s us. We’re the baby: new, fresh, adorable, and ready to grow. Sepia Studio began out of a strong desire to solidify some of the offerings Cushing has been dabbling with for a while – the “yes, we can probably help with that” turned into a resounding, “yes, we have a team that is really good at that”. We are rooted in bringing brands to life in any type of way, and backed by some folks who just really enjoy creating. Our roots in printing will make our partnership with you even more valuable.

We’d love to talk to you about your next project, and we’d love it even more over coffee.

amanda eich
amanda eich (as in, “Mike & Ike”)

Amanda started out as an architectural designer in corporate interiors, took a detour into entrepreneurship with a graphic design + stationery company, and moved back into the corporate arena designing graphics, logos, and marketing collateral for small businesses. It seemed inevitable that the premier architectural and environmental graphics printer in Chicago, Cushing & Co., would be a professional love connection.

Amanda has a particular knack for finding the story in-between the lines of a brand and bringing that to life through design.

Amanda’s dream gig is to design a purse that actually works and to someday design and own her own designer-focused coffeeshop (it may or may not be called “Caffeination Station”).


julia kaufman
julia kaufman (one f, one n, it means “merchant” in german)

A guru in the print production world, Julia is one of the many faces of Cushing & Co. She moved quickly up the ranks from project management to supervising the production floor – overseeing not only projects, designs, final installation coordination, but also a team of people, clients, and vendors. But you always come back to the things you love, and Julia is passionate about graphic design with a purpose. Read: form follows function.

Julia has a knack for fine-tuning design details while thinking through big picture ideas and creative solutions.

Julia’s dream gig is to design vintage-inspired wallpaper patterns to use in her never ending home renovation projects (*co-ownership in Caffeination Station pending negotiations).