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Amanda EichMar 15, 2021 2:37:00 AM

you have time for what you make time for.

Boy do we get it. It’s hard to prioritize the “extra” stuff when you’re running a business… like posting to social media, or onboarding your new vendor… or even just getting started with literally any project that isn’t the day to day “regular” stuff.

Laura Vanderkam is an expert in time management. She’s written books, has a TedTalk, she has some thoughts on the matter. Watch this TedTalk video at the intro of this post though (11 minutes, 55 seconds, I promise you have time for it). It literally changed my thought process on how I use my words concerning time.

We build the lives we want, and time saves itself. -Laura Vanderkam

So this is just a reminder, brought to you by Laura Vanderkam, (and your friendly graphic design team) that you spend time on what you prioritize. If you spend your time working until 3am, it’s because you prioritized that work over sleep. If you spend time posting to social media 20 minutes every day, it’s because you prioritized that over answering 1 email 20 minutes faster (and I’m oversimplifying and NOT shaming anyone, including myself).

Where am I going with this? Well, we developed our subscription plan in order to allow business owners, marketers, you, the ability to give priority to your graphic needs but to also not spend YOUR time on it. It becomes OUR time commitment. That’s it. That’s how it works. Because we get it. I get it. And sometimes *just getting started* can also be a hurdle, something that just feels like too much time has to be spent in order to get it started. Prioritize it. Make a list, and write it at the top. Do it, and move on.

We got this.

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