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brand identity

brand identity

capturing who you are

having a strong brand is the most important punch a business can throw

“Brand” is just one way of saying, the thing that identifies who you are. It’s largely visual in it’s most literal definition (as in the logo), but also encompasses a mission statement, a mantra, an ethos. Even a “personal brand” is a trendy way of saying, what is it that represents who you are? These aren’t easy questions… literally the questions that have been asked since the ancient philosophers. The foundation of a good brand is good design.

logo design

What do the Nike Swoosh or Starbucks Mermaids have in common? We’re not sure either, BUT you probably pictured both logos as you read that question. A well designed logo is the nucleus of a good brand, all other elements rotate around it. People will notice. If you build it, people will… you get the idea.

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cogito, ergo sum

we’re pretty sure “i’ve branded, therefore i am” is the modern day version of this.
I think, therefore I amRene Descartes


brand story + messaging

What is your story and who is your audience? This is an important sales and marketing tool that takes the perspective of someone who is visualizing, using, and patronizing your brand. Knowing your audience is an effective way to know thyself (we’re pretty sure Shakespeare said that).

brand id guide

This is an efficient way to keep your team on the same page. Brand guidelines break down items such as: allowed logo variations, typography, color palette, and more. It’s the bible of your brand, the do’s and don’ts. Distribute these handy instructions internally and to any outsourced vendors to keep everyone on the same creative path.

See our brand guide here

brand refresh

Sometimes the best ideas just need a fresh pair of eyes, same goes for your logo. Maybe the colors are dated, maybe the graphic isn’t relevant anymore. Maybe your business model has evolved and what once worked great no longer serves you. Maybe you’ve got six versions of your logo floating out there in a hotmail account (no judgement).

Let’s be brave and explore some ideas.