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Joe Cushing

Executive Vice President

As Cushing’s Executive Vice President, Joe Cushing, oversees the management team and leads the overall direction of the organization.

How would a Cushing client describe working with you?  

Positive, enthused, honest.

How would a Cushing colleague describe working with you?

Positive, diligent, fair-minded.

What is your favorite type of music?

Rock and roll, classic 60’s & 70’s through today’s Indie Rock bands.

What are your top three favorite movies?

Difficult to narrow down to three.  Maybe give me five: The Big Fish, Princess Bride, School of Rock, Remember the Titans, Shawshank Redemption. And a new term coined by my pal Larry Gamber: “I got SHAW-SHANKED last night”—meaning you flipped the channel on a movie half-way through at 11:00 pm and stayed up another 90 minutes to watch it through the end, even though you have already seen it!

Where is your favorite place (restaurant, park, museum etc.) to go in Chicago?

I guess I have to go with restaurants, so many to choose, but I seem to spend the most time at Club Lago downtown, and Zia’s on Northwest Highway with great friends on the weekends.