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Roberto Bernal

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Rubab Akhtar

Customer Service Representative

Briefly describe your day-to-day duties.

Being the liaison between the client and the rest of the team as well as problem solving any issues that arise using design and print methods.

What is your favorite video game / board game?


If you could see any band in concert, at any point in history, who would it be?

Fleetwood Mac, Haim or Sam Smith.

What hobbies do you have that help you stay productive outside of work?

Visiting print studios and museums as well as letterpress printing. Chicago has a history of being a home for many print studios.

Describe your perfect Saturday.

Starting off the day early with a hearty breakfast and tea. Later, strolling through an art gallery or museum, then having shrimp biryani for lunch and ending the day with spending time with my friends and family over a home cooked meal.

What is your most used emoji?

The upside-down smiley face 🙃

All-time favorite movie?

3 Idiots or the Sound of Music.

If you could sell/produce more of any service we offer, what would it be and why?

Giclée prints, it truly transforms the artwork we see on our screens to beautiful physical prints.

What’s your favorite thing to produce / or see being produced in the shop?

Something new and something we haven’t done before.  We are constantly experimenting with new materials and substrates to achieve results for our clients.

What made you choose [your field] for your current career?

My focus in college was Design but I was always passionate about print. I studied letterpress printing and I found it to be the greatest marriage of the two fields. Working in this industry allows meeting creatives of all fields and collaborate on exciting projects.

If your coworkers had to vote you best, most improved, or most likely to do something, what would it be?

Most likely to give a coworker a pep-talk and share positive motivating thoughts. I feel extremely privileged to work with such hard working and talented people.

What’s something you’ve learned since joining the Cushing team?

There is always a solution and a way to solve a problem.

What motivates you to go to work each day?

Getting to learn more about printing and to be able to work with such great and hardworking coworkers.