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Giclée and FINE Art Printing

If you need giclée printing or scanning of your high resolution images, you are in the right place!

Canvas, watercolor paper, smooth coated papers in matte, satin, & glossy finishes, textured paper, & more. We can help you select the right media for your audience. 


A Powerful Process

The giclée printing process is used by professional artists, photographers and interior designers in galleries, corporate offices, private residences and other architectural settings.

“The Cushing team did a great job with my giclee prints. Timely communication, quick turnaround and a quality end product — it was a great experience! I would recommend them to anyone who needs printing services.”
Alvin Black III
Alvin Black IIIOwner,

Great question! Giclée (pronounced zhee-klay) translates to an archive-quality reproduction process using pigment-based ink jet technology, typically on fine art papers and canvas that are designated as archival. With the evolution of technology, the archival, high resolution ink-jet print can now be reproduced on a variety of substrates.

Still not convinced? Read all about the what and why of Giclée here.

Fine Art print coming off printer

Consider Volume

Ask us about volume pricing when inquiring about giclée printing services in bulk. 


Selling artwork online?  An art fair?  Gallery showcase? Sprucing up the office with some framing?  While we can help with “one-off” projects or small volumes, please consider bulk orders. Larger volumes save you money over time.  One or two prints still requires set-up, production time and quality control. Comparing a single order to a slight volume increase, price is not far apart. 

25 – 100 is normally the sweet spot for customer orders.

Volume Helps Your Bottomline

A handful of local printing companies in Chicago own ink-jet printers capable of Giclée printing. Fine, pigmented inks tested for archival properties complement our selection of specially treated fine art papers and canvases to produce these high-quality giclée prints.

This very careful process benefits artists looking to sell artwork online, enhance their portfolio or share work over email. 

The (Entirely Custom) Giclée Process

While Cushing tends to primarily work directly with other businesses, we are happy to assist individuals in any way we can. If you are a student, artist or individual with printing needs, please reach out to our sales team through the quote form.

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“Having had an extensive career as a graphic designer and art director...I know quality printing. When I began developing my fine art work and my client base of collectors grew I knew I wanted to create another price point for my work. Cushing printing turned out to be the quality shop I was looking for in Chicago to print my fine art Giclées.”
Karen PowellKaren Powell Studios

A strong grasp of the color gamut, tight color management, including printing proofs, insures color fidelity and accuracy. There is no better way to confirm your color is accurate than to stop into our River North shop to view a printed proof. Rarely will a printed piece accurately match your original artwork right off the bat, and almost never looks like your computer screen. When dealing with digital files viewed in an RGB space compared to printed file in a CMYK space, our experts will help with that color translation. There may be color matching and additional proofs necessary to dial it in just right. 

Proof is in the Printing

Our team has several graphic specialists with the patience and know how to get your colors on the mark. Take the time to do it right with our team’s help. It is not enough to see if the print matches a computer screen, a printed proof is your best opportunity for peace of mind.

Ready for the Next Steps

Ready for the Next Steps

You have a discerning eye and when it comes to giclée printing, we want to deliver. Contact our expert team and let’s see how we can work together. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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