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Ladder Up


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Ladder Up

A graphics projects for volunteers and staff members to be proud of.

Project Manager: Julia Kaufman
Printing Consultant: Matthew Cushing
Writer & Photography: Jon Davis

Keep Climbing

Ladder Up is a Chicago nonprofit committed to helping hardworking families and individuals access the financial resources and opportunities they need to move up the economic ladder. Since 1994, the organization has served more than 291,000 clients and returned over $524 million in economic benefits.

Ladder Up
Chutes & Ladders

How does our team fit in? While the latest phase of this installation happened last year, the project originated in 2013 when Ladder Up moved into a new office suite. Executive Director Christine Cheng, a staff member for over twelve years, wanted to add life to the office walls. Her interior design firm introduced Cushing and acrylic images were installed with stand-offs to spruce up the space.

Chutes Ladders
A Colorful Space for Volunteers
“We wanted to add life to our office space, particularly as we use the main open area as a training space for our tax volunteers. Cushing came at the recommendation of our designer and have been pleased with the work!”
Christine Cheng
-Christine ChengLadderUp, Executive Director
A New Home

Fast forward to 2016 and Ladder Up was again on the move. With a new location filled with rows of tables and empty walls, Christine saw opportunity to create a warm atmosphere, while incorporating the Ladder Up brand. Cushing was again recommended and a member of the business development team dropped by for a site survey and branding brainstorm.

Ladder Up Team
The Next Steps

Step inside the waiting area and vinyl cut lettering and wall graphics spotlight the organization mission and logo. A striking welcome, it makes every volunteer proud to walk in the door. Enter the main training area and rows of desks fill the space. It is easy to picture dozens of people sitting, ready to learn and collaborate. Walls are strategically lined with image of smiling volunteers and tax clients, installed as acrylic posters, with supporting stand-offs.

Wall Graphics and Lettering at Ladder Up
More From the Ladder Up Project
“We were pleased with the turnaround time and everything looks great! The graphics really add dimension and character to our office space.”
-Christine Cheng,Happy Client at Ladder Up
Ladder Up Results
Feedback from volunteers has been positive, with many saying the wall art and graphics create a welcoming atmosphere.

Smiling Faces

Seeing photos of people from all walks of life adorning the walls, families and individuals can feel good knowing Ladder Up is there to make a difference.

That is a step UP in the right direction.