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Add office branding to interiors or corporate work environments.

Need installation in another city? Our RMX Network puts you in touch with providers in over 250 cities. Vancouver to Honolulu or overseas, we’ll do our best to help.

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Did You Know?

We have our own team of graphics installers, ready to take on your next project!
Keeping Your Project on Target

Your office wall graphics are our priority.

The MAeX Method gathers those critical details to keep your project on-time and on-track.

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Keeping Your Project on Target
Keep Your Team Smiling

Team members at the Portillo’s corporate office for employee training.

Their installation uses wall graphics to capture the energy of their restaurants. Happy trainees pose in front of their graphics.

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Keep Your Team Smiling
“I really appreciated that Christine got on the phone with me right away to talk through my ideas. She seemed genuinely excited to help us with our project. It meant a lot to me to have somebody who felt more like a partner and really took initiative to see everything through.”
Rebecca MacDonald
Rebecca MacDonaldBrand Design Manager on the Cushing Experience, PORTILLO'S
Create a Unique Visual

Consider professional commercial photography for your wall graphics.

Make it unique and related to your neighborhood or city. Serhii Chrucky is a Chicago based photographer who specializes in creating unique experiences for clients. See more of his work on Wonderful Machine and schedule a consultation.

Create a Unique Visual

Creative Consultation

Looking to install graphics but don’t have a design? Our in-house creative studio can assist with consultation to final design.

Creative Consultation

Put Pep in Your Wall Prep

Wall Preparation Tips
“Drywall is to be taped, mudded, and sanded to a smooth level surface.”
One of many tips available in our free wall preparation document.

“Cushing was the perfect one stop shop for our custom wall vinyl logo print and installation. They were quick and responsive. I will definitely use them again for future projects!”
Hayley Kauffmann
Hayley KauffmannOwner and Designer, HAYLEY MAUREEN INTERIOR DESIGN
Make Your Space Feel Like Home

Decals in the office kitchen? It’s part of this project.

They call it Café Pareto. They wanted a workspace and branding to reflect their employee energy.

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Make Your Space Feel Like Home

Environmental Graphics Improve Emotional State

Incorporating graphics in a space can be more than just aesthetically pleasing. Research from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital suggests displaying art in hospitals can helpimprove patient wellbeing, decrease hospital stays and reduce anxiety, depression and pain.

Environmental Graphics Improve Emotional State
“Cushing was the first company I have used for wall decals, and I won’t be using anyone else! The print quality was fantastic and the installation was quick and painless. They were extremely patient and flexible with our chaotic schedule, and they remained attentive and engaged throughout the entire process. Our entire company was blown away with the work. It was a pleasure working with them and we look forward to future projects!”
Bre Bush
Bre Bush Manager, Marketing & Content Strategy, PARETO INTELLIGENCE

Informational Graphics in Midway Airport

Flying the friendly skys at Midway? Look for our recent wall graphics installation!

Informational Graphics in Midway Airport

Graphics improve just about any space! May we help with your next project?

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“Cushing is competitively priced, produces excellent work across many applications, and turns jobs around very quickly. Josette was responsive, helpful, and proactively worked with us to accomplish our goals within our budget.”
Tanner Woodford
Tanner WoodfordExecutive Director and Founder, DESIGN MUSEUM OF CHICAGO

Download our Wall Graphics Whitepaper

Not sure which material to use? Cinderblock to concrete, we can help.

Recent Decal Experience

Share your decal or graphic experience on social.

Recent Decal Experience

Enhance your employer brand with graphics that encourage teambuilding, internal brand awareness, and of course: happy faces!

One Awesome Project

“One” project we hope you’ll check out! Why? There’s many interesting elements! It features vinyl cut lettering with team member quotes and a striking map wall graphic (and timeline.)

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Client Spotlight of OneGoal’s office graphics project

One Awesome Project
“Overall, we are really happy with how the project turned out. The office graphics look custom and personally fit our organization. It brought the voices of our students and teachers to life.”
Danielle Durante
Danielle Durante Senior Director of Operations, National, ONE GOAL

Wall Graphics for An Automotive Company

Graphics Bring Teams Together

Graphics Bring Teams Together

How About Yours?


Or should say ‘vinyl cut’?

Vinyl cut word walls weave branding throughout a space. Famous quotes, creative terms, or your own messaging comes together in large letters that make an impact! You can add these in conference rooms, break rooms, or in halls.

Scout's Honor

Scout Exchange partnered with Cushing to brand their new space with wall graphics and acrylic signage .

From a lovable pooch in the reception area to a wall outlining the company’s values, you won’t need to scout around to figure out what they’re all about!

Scouts Honor

Wall Graphics and Vinyl Cut Lettering

Printing and Installation in YOUR City

Are you researching for a project outside of Chicagoland? Happy to to help you! Our team can fulfill your print and install almost anywhere across the country.

Have questions on this? Request a quote for pricing.

Services Available Throughout the United States

Cycling Studio Installs Wall Graphics

When indoor cycling center, Cycmode, needed wall decals and lettering for their studio, they turned to Cushing.  Read more of their story in our case studies section. Occasionally, client projects make the pages of other websites.

Cycling Studio Installs Wall Graphics

From Design to Custom Wall Decal

Here are some tips to get your wall graphics project moving forward.

From Design to Custom Wall Decal

Weeding - From the Printionary

No garden skills required!

Weeding is a term used to describe a step in cut vinyl production. Weeding is the plain and simple act of removing all the excess material from any decal, sticker, lettering or graphics that are cut-to-shape.

It can be an integral part of custom cut decal production.

Why Do We Weed Decals and Graphics?

Check out this short video on the definition of graphic weeding from the Cushing Printionary!

“We just received our order and it’s all PERFECT! Not one mistake on a complicated request and on time. Exceeded expectations all the way around. Go Cushing!”
Ron Carlson
Ron CarlsonFounder & CEO, PARTNERS BY DESIGN

Custom and Creative

Wall decor, stickers, or graphics – no matter what you call them, if you are looking for wall graphic ideas for your office or company, welcome!

You’ll see various installations with a variety of colors, materials and smiling customers!

Custom and Creative

Environmental Graphics Project with Interfaith Youth Core

Office Walls to Conference Room Windows

If you are considering wall graphics, ask us about those elements that pull together your entire installation. Privacy film can be creative and functional – Learn more.

Dimensional lettering is a welcome sight at the front of the office – See Examples.

Let’s discuss your office graphic goals to develop the best solution.

Office Walls to Conference Room Windows
“Cushing did an excellent job helping us with a front door decal for our office space. They were prompt in responding to my questions, and were able to come in quickly for installation. Erik, the worker who installed the decal, was incredibly friendly, precise, and got everything done in a very timely manner. Our new door looks fantastic - thanks for everything!”
Alex Onion
Alex Onion Marketing Specialist, SITTERCITY

New Wall Graphics Project at Marquette Management

Wall Graphics Printing for Powerful Messaging

It pays to discover, wall graphics, that is…

A specialty healthcare marketing agency, Discovery USA chose us for their creative, custom wall graphics project spotlighting company values throughout the office.

Wall Graphics Printing for Powerful Messaging
Office Wall Decals

Office wall decals don’t have to be one color or a simple graphic.

It’s a great way to bring the team design together, showcase statistics about your industry or bring subject matter to life. Your Cushing team can recommend the right material for your upcoming project.

Office Wall Decals
“Fernando just left a few minutes ago and the wall decal looks amazing. He did an excellent job and was very thorough in checking with us as far as placement and positioning. Couldn’t have asked for a smoother install. Thank you very much for working with us on this!”
Tim Mullin
Tim MullinDirector of Operations, Satori Energy

Brighten the Walls

Recent Wall Decal Installation

Satori Wall Decals in Office

Ready to brighten your walls and workspace?

“Cushing did a great job with printing and installation of our floor & vinyl wall graphics.  From onsite consultation, to answering many, many questions, to getting the job done quickly, the sales team helped every step of the way.  And the installers all were true pros. La-Dee-Dah!”
Chris Kadow-Dougherty
Chris Kadow-DoughertyFounder/Candymaker, See More of the Whimsical Candy Wall Graphics Printing
There are many wall decal companies you can choose from.

Lifesize wall stickers or logo decals, your Cushing team has the experience to help you complete the job right & on time.

We’re excited to hear about your project!

There are many wall decal companies you can choose from.

How to prep prior to a site visit for a decal or wall graphics installation?

Send the Cushing team a picture of the space!

Frank and Fernando During Install

This helps our team understand if there are any items (electrical outlets, vents, a dropped ceiling, etc.) to be aware  of and plan for. This will make for a smoother installation!

Decals Done Right

Recent Wall Graphics Project at PHMG

It’s not just a wall

It’s not just a wall

It’s opportunity to promote your brand!

What in the Wall?

Choosing a high-traffic area for wall graphics can be a great way to boost morale, beautify a space or let your clients know (at a glance) what matters to your company. Consider a mural in a conference room or a vinyl cut word wall near the break room. For greater flexibility, you could have the wall graphics printed to a removable vinyl and swap out graphics annually to keep visuals fresh.

What in the Wall
“Because we're a literacy organization and love words, let us say: we are thrilled, delighted, elated, overjoyed, and tickled pink (plus 20 other colors) with the way Cushing helped bring our ideas to life. From the wonderful custom vinyl wall graphics and superb stair decals to the immaculate installation and splendid service, you've helped make our space just the way we dreamed it would be.”
Stacy Ratner
Stacy RatnerCo-Founder, Chicago Literacy Alliance

It is Polite to Stair (At Graphics!)

Complement your wall graphics with branding to bring the project together.

It is Polite to Stair (At Graphics!)

Step in the right direction with stair graphics to draw attention to your brand & mission!

Pretty & Private

Wall graphics in a conference room can be combined with graphics on the windows to add privacy to meetings while branding the space with your company’s messaging. Cushing can help with everything from privacy vinylwhich adds unique flair to windows or can be an extension of your wall graphics.

Privacy film can bring the entire project together and creates an immersive and consistent feel throughout the office.

Pretty & Private


“We had moved into our new office space and wanted to make our patients feel at home. It was a great experience working with the Cushing team on the installation – our office walls look gorgeous!”
HeidiOffice Manager, Willow Lake Orthodontics
Worthy of Your Walls

Deck the Walls (With Graphics)

Find out why businesses are using wall graphics to enhance commercial interiors.

You’ll hear more from Solstice Mobile and Magid Glove & Safety.

Worthy of Your Walls

Prep Your Walls for a Successful Install

Here are some tips for a smooth installation.

Here are some tips for a smooth installation

Have additional questions on wall graphics printing or installation?

“We love the final result! We have received many positive comments and the wall graphics serve as a reminder to everyone why we are here and the work we do.”

Wall Graphics Ideas

Welcome Visitors and Guests

Create a Timeline of Company History

Add A Splash of Color to Your Walls

Tell Your Story

Wall Graphics Ideas

Decals On Dry Wall

Installing to Painted Drywall? (similar to walls in a house, apartment, or office), we have dropped in a couple of tips below.

Consider 3M IJ40 for full coverage on a wall. Why? It has no air channels

Try 3MIJ180 for logos and cutouts because this material has air channels which prevent peeling and shrinking

What are these number/letter combinations? For example: 3MIJ180? Simply the name of the vinyl material!

Wall Graphics on Dry Wall

What you should know pre-install:

Prime, sand, and paint the wall – finish with semi-gloss finish and let dry for at least 7 days.

Questions on any of this? 

“Working with Cushing was a wonderful experience. They were so eager to make suggestions and come up with solutions for my printing and décor needs. My space would not be complete without the pieces and wall graphics from Cushing. They were a pleasure to work with!”
Becky Marks
Becky MarksBe Leaf

More Wall Decal Project Photos

The Wall Also Rises

Completed in two phases, check out a recent custom wall graphics and lettering project at Rise Interactive.

It includes cozy spaces, company messaging, interactive dry erase brainstorming boards and so much more!

The Wall Also Rises
Wall-to-Wall Questions

Wall-to-Wall Questions?

Your company history to custom printed logos, office wall branding boosts morale, improves the office space & complements your marketing. Explore projects and ask us for graphics guidance.