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Magid Glove & Safety

Account Manager: Josette O’Neil
Photographer: Michael Koch of Magid Glove & Safety
Customer Service Heroes: Stephanie Ferguson, Anjelica Garcia-Sanchez
Writer: Jon Davis

Portfolio Details

Cushing has assisted this safety solutions provider on a host of graphic projects, from office displays to trade show appearances.

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Magid Glove & Safety

Cushing has had the pleasure of working with Magid Glove & Safety for almost half a decade.

Magid Glove & Safety is a 4th-generation, family-owned business.

We do serious work — providing customers with expert advice and innovative safety products to protect their workers in hazardous environments.

But we also like to have fun!
Magid Glove
Family Connection

Gigi Cohen, Executive Vice President, has been with Magid Glove & Safety over 31 years.

Prior to joining the team, she worked at a variety of companies primarily in the software industry. The Cushing connection? Her nephew designed a wall mural for their new Romeoville building in 2014. He recommended Cushing for print and installation.

It would be the first of many unique projects.
Family Connection
Magid Glove Wall Murals
T-Rex Wall Graphics
Why Choose Cushing

It’s no secret there are many print providers in Chicagoland and beyond.  How did the Magid team decide Cushing fit like a glove?

“A combination of personality, cost analysis, and availability. Once we started using Cushing, the quality of work, support and eagerness to get things right, kept us coming back.”
Magid on the Move

Building long-terms relationships is at the core of every client project.

As we mentioned, an art installation at their new Romeoville office was the first project to put this collaboration in motion. The move was significant as the safety products company had been in their previous location over forty years.  Wall graphics commemorate their rich history and celebrated the future in their new home.

Magid on the Move
“The mural and wall graphics surpassed our hopes and dreams. It really touched the hearts of many employees who worked in the former building, for many decades.”
Gigi Cohen
-Gigi Cohen on The Romeoville Office Branding, Executive Director
Magid Glove Wall Decor
Project Progression

The new office graphics sparked a productive partnership.

“Our representative Josette offers creative ideas and solutions to fit our needs,” said Cohen. “From time-to-time we brainstorm ideas to achieve the best output.” Projects progressed to large format vinyl wall graphics, bond printing, metal signage, foam/pvc boards with cleats, and their Magid Glove & Safety signature glove boards.
Office Graphics at Magid Glove & Safety
Im-Magid That!

Fun Fact:

Cushing and Magid Glove have collaborated on projects spanning almost half a decade. As project scopes change, it’s important to be nimble and responsive.

“Cushing is quick to re-quote,” says Cohen. “And will provide alternatives when necessary.”
Glove at First Sight

For this unique work, we print larger PVC boards, affix clear plastic frames, and insert print outs within.

Created and shipped throughout the country, Magid Glove & Safety customers love them!

Glove at First Sight
More Graphics for the Magid Glove Team and Office

It’s amazing how small the internet makes the world.

Final Magid Glove

From Magid’s Executive Vice President:

“Funny story: I was once speaking at a conference and an attendee came up to me and said she had seen our facility on the Cushing website and asked if other members of her company could tour our facility for ideas on how to liven up a family business.
(Which they did!)”
Wall Graphics Team
Team Erik Julia Matt

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