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Amanda EichFeb 17, 2021 1:36:00 AM

february recommendations: podcast edition

OK, enough already with Netflix, Sling and Amazon Prime. OK, if you made it this far without staring digital daggers at me: Throw those headphones on and listen in. You don’t event need to leave your couch!

This American Life by NPR

Once upon a time Amanda worked at an architecture office in San Francisco where the female architects all came to the realization that they collectively had a crush on Ira Glass. You only have to listen to one 3 – 4 act episode with Ira’s fast-wit (and just fast) talking to see why. And the variety of stories to listen to are endless. 

My Favorite Murder

Two women discuss freaky, cooky, scary, solved, unsolved, and downright murdery murders. A good listen for true crime lovers and those who like witty/silly banter.  

Five Thirty Eight Politics 

If you weren’t following Five Thirty Eight during the last… several… major elections, were you even following the elections? Nate Silver has become the industry leader in statistics, political polling, and the cultural implications that follow.