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May 27, 2021 10:51:00 PM2 min read

Contemporary OB/GYN Chicago


Located in Chicago, Contemporary OB/GYN provides high quality, patient-centered women’s health care. Led by Owner and Medical Director Dr. Mia Layne, the practice believes in three core values: integrity, compassion, and excellence. The doors opened in December 2020.

While interiors were a welcome retreat for patients, bare storefront windows made the waiting area easy to see from the street and generic.

This did not reflect their tagline and philosophy of being “a woman’s wellness oasis”. The office had to feel like a safe inviting place from the moment a patient approached the building- not just upon check-in at the front desk.

Windows Before Design and Installation

Dr. Layne had a rough vision for window film design that needed professional perspective. Busy with her practice and moving to a new office, she did not have the time or internal resources. After researching Cushing, she connected with print consultant Matthew Cushing, who scheduled a brainstorming session with Sepia Studio’s lead creatives. It became clear Contemporary OB/GYN had a turnkey project that included design, print and installation.

Windows Before Design and Installation

My experience with Cushing was flawless and the finished product is AMAZING! I worked with Amanda in the Sepia Design Studio division, and she created a design that went beyond my initial expectations.

Dr. Mia Layne
Dr. Mia Layne


Dr Layne

Dr Layne shared photos with initial thoughts on a design and images that inspired them. The Sepia Studio team produced an initial mock-up.

Underwhelmed, Dr. Layne realized it was time to hand the creative reigns to the team.

Vertical Interior Design

Mia had trusted her interior design team (Vertical Interior Design) on the inside of her space to create an “oasis” vibe for patients.

She told the Sepia team to run with their ideas for the exterior signage.

Proofs Provided By Sepia Studio
Proofs Provided By Sepia Studio
Proofs Provided By Sepia Studio



Facility windows promote the Contemporary OB/GYN brand without compromising patient privacy. The frosted film was designed to allow privacy of the guests while seated in the waiting room, but visual clarity higher up the window for the receptionist and those standing inside to be able to see out to the street.

Contemporary OBGYN Chicago Angled View

More Feedback

My own first idea was bland and lacked uniqueness. I allowed the design team to create something and after the initial conversation they produced a design that is eye catching and one of a kind! My patients definitely know where we are located now, and street visibility is at an all-time high. I highly recommend Cushing and Sepia Studio for your next window signage project.

Mia  E. Layne, MD
Mia E. Layne, MD


Contemporary OBGYN Chicago

The logo icon was enlarged to two full window bays, so even if those driving by don’t catch the name, you can’t miss the brand colors and logo front and center. 

Sepia Studio also created building numbers in a super-graphic style above the door inside the entrance alcove.

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Contemporary OBGYN Chicago Entrance Decals