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Jul 15, 2021 1:47:00 AM2 min read

Ignite, Thrive, and Galavant Digital Creative


Ignite selects Sepia Studio to produce artwork for a fundraising campaign to positively impact local youth in Chicago.

  Incredible Organization

Kids in Photo

Ignite stands with youth who are experiencing homelessness on their journey to a home and a future with promise.

Our partners at Cushing have fulfilled an expansive list of projects for Ignite, from window decals to holiday postcards, all to further their mission of serving the youth of Chicago that need it most. Their latest project took on a digital direction, brought to life with the Sepia Studio team.

  Igniting an Amazing Cause

With their Ignite, Thrive, and Galavant fundraising campaign, donor outreach was mostly digital, focusing on email newsletters, web, and social media.

Colorful graphics encouraged supporters to purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win one of three sets of first-class plane tickets through United Airlines. Proceeds would help Chicago teens and young adults coping with homelessness. Designs had to capture attention and drive ticket sales.

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  Retro Concept

Artwork took on a retro look, harking back to vintage travel postcards from another era. Bright and colorful, the designs captured the imagination of donors.

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  Morgan Mercieca, Communications Associate

“As this raffle was going to be promoted and run entirely online, we wanted to be sure that the imagery surrounding it was impactful, approachable, and given the theme of the raffle, fun! We absolutely feel that our designer, Amanda, accomplished all three of these goals in the designs, and put a fun, retro spin on the whole project.”

  The Results?

Or the image below takes you there too!


Morgan Mercieca, Communications Associate

“Working with our designer, Amanda, has been a wonderful experience. She’s been able to capture the vision and mission of Ignite in each of the designs she produces for us, assuring that no matter the campaign or event, we’re always able to speak to our donors, volunteers, and clients in a polished and brand-focused manner.”

  Longtime Collaboration

Ignite has worked with the Cushing and Sepia Studio team for years. Specifically, the Ignite team has collaborated with Sepia Studio lead creative, Amanda Eich, following her as she’s transitioned from different agencies. Consistent, powerful results have kept the teams working together, as the relationship evolved to a design and print partnership.

“We’ve had a wonderful experience with Cushing beyond creative design,” says Morgan. “We embarked on a project to brand each of our agency vehicles, Cushing played a central role, and they turned out wonderfully. we’ll certainly be sticking with the craft and vision that Sepia & Cushing provide.”

Morgan Mercieca, Communications Associate

Van Proofs

  In Conclusion

We hope Ignite’s project ideas and mission inspire your next endeavor. Looking ahead, our team is looking forward to the next project with their team. Here is some final feedback on the design work:

“We would absolutely hire Sepia Studio again! We’re already dreaming up our next projects and can’t wait to see the imagery start to take shape.”

  Support Ignite

You don’t have to wait until Ignite’s next raffle to support Chicago’s youth! To learn more about how they are making a difference, head to their website at, and follow their journey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

To make a donation to Ignite, head to