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Document Scanning and Archiving

Put our document scanning and archiving experience to work.  We’ll keep your files in high quality shape, online, archived and accessible.

Please note our Cruse Scanner is no longer available. We are here to help: please call or use the quote form for scanning options.

Thanks for visiting today. Please note our Cruse Scanner is currently unavailable.

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Document Scanning and Archiving Services

Document Scanning and Archiving Services

Do you have old documents that you need to find quickly? Need to save space?

We can scan documents up to 36″ wide and convert them into a variety of digital formats and resolutions. Depending on your needs, we can suggest the best scanning method to complete your archiving project.

Are you exploring document scanning and archiving services to create searchable content for your website? We can provide OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning.

Hold on. Optical Character Recognition Scanning? Glad you asked.

As the document is scanned, this process distinguishes between images and text on the page. And typically relates to our small format services. Talk to us about naming conventions, indexing and easy ways to view your valuable assets.


We are excited to hear about your project and goals!

For over 90 years, Cushing has provided top quality output for businesses, large or small. Who works with Cushing? Professionals ranging from project managers to creative directors and marketing firms.

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We Work Many B2B Companies
“I absolutely love working with Cushing, they offer very fast service and reply to emails very quickly. Thank you for helping my job run smoothly!”

How Does Document Scanning Work?

The majority of our scanning is processed using roll through type scanners. We literally feed the scanner with your files to scan them. Any items such as staples, paper clips or binder clips, tabs, file folders need to be removed prior to the scanning process.

Just think about how you would use a small scanner in your office. Once obstructions are removed, we start scanning your individual hardcopy files and save them to a secure hard drive. We’ll name your files as intuitively as possible. If the file or folder has a name, we’ll use it. Or send us a spreadsheet and we’ll name your scanned files this way.

Did you know we have been offering document scanning in Chicago over 20 years?

How Long Does Document Scanning Usually Take

How Long Does Document Scanning Usually Take?

A number of variables go into scanning and it can be a terrific time saver. One of the first things we want to know is: Can we get the time to scan your project to make sure the result is exactly what you need?

Your time is valuable and we completely understand the need for a scanning schedule. The short answer is it all depends.

  • Are you an attorney with one box of case files? Or 200?
  • Have your files been sitting in a dusty basement and have a little damage?
  • How are you getting hardcopy files to Cushing (a.k.a the scanning company?)
  • How do you want your scans identified?

No matter what, we’ll assist with developing a timeframe and do our best to fit your schedule.

Multiple Formats Are No Problem

Your large document drawings are scanned using the best equipment in the industry. We want each of your copies to look as good as your original. Once your documents are scanned, they become digital assets and are much more accessible than paper copies.

CDs (and Electronic Files) Work to Cut Clutter
After scanning and putting your digital documents together, there are several options to deliver your work. Scanned drawings and documents can be emailed, printed and copied for backup. Digitally scanned files eliminate the need for costly storage space of paper files.

Just a handful of CDs can hold information typically contained in boxes of paper documents. Trade in your bulky file drawers for the accessibility of electronic files. Your files, once scanned, can be uploaded to online file sharing systems. Did you know Cushing offers a service called DFS document for file sharing? We can also organize files after scanning this way!

Multiple Formats Are No Problem

Reasons to Scan Your Hard Copies

Disaster Recovery
What if your documents are affected by rain, fire or a random calamity? Digitally scanning your documents provides a secure back up and peace of mind.

Your Unused Assets
As paper piles up, consider how convenient it would be to have your documents scanned and in one place.

On-Demand Printing
You can access them anytime, anywhere and send them to anyone who needs to use them.

Organized File Retrieval Saves Time
We label your scanned documents to simplify the search and retrieval process. Think of a keyword search. Your scanned files could be retrieved the same way.

Space Saving
Digitally scanned documents free up your office and storage space

We can save files at your preferred format and resolution, and even store them in our database.

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Ready to Discuss Your Scanning Project?

Updating your website with archived documents and need them scanned in black & white. There are many ways we can help complete this type of job and look forward answering your questions.

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